Crystal Lake Elementary

A Community Partnership SchoolTM


The Community Partnership School model focuses on the whole child (physical, mental, social and emotional health, and well-being) and takes a holistic approach in providing supports for the child. The purpose of the Community Partnership School is to increase overall lifelong success in education, employment, and health for those served. 

A Director for the Community Partnership School was hired in May of 2018 and, together with the School Principal, immediately began making preparations for transitioning to the Community Partnership School model starting Fall 2018.  Through a shared system of governance, representatives from the five core partner organizations, along with leadership from the School District and the community, worked together as a Cabinet.

A top priority for leadership was the completion of the Needs Assessment which was essential in determining the initial programs and range of services.  Crystal Lake students, parents and family members, as well as residents from the surrounding neighborhood participated in the surveys.  Respondents helped define not only what but when services and supports should be offered to best meet their needs and schedules. 

While the Assessment was being performed an additional priority was securing the key staff members necessary to coordinate the various programs and services that will be through the School.    A Health Programs Coordinator was on- boarded in January 2018 to coordinate health and wellness services, data collection, community service/monitoring, and serve as liaison between the school and Central Florida Healthcare on campus providers.  In Spring 2019, an After-School Programs Coordinator was hired to focus on extended learning services such as tutoring, enrichment, and clubs, and to coordinate all after school on-campus activities.

With the needs assessment completed and three dedicated staff members in place, the Community Partnership School is well positioned for the 2019-2020 School Year.  Plans are to add the necessary services and supports to achieve goals of improved academic performance, increasing student attendance and reducing absenteeism, creating a positive school culture, improving student health, and increasing the level of parent, family and community engagement.

Crystal Lake Elementary School is registered with the UCF Center for Community Schools which is internationally recognized as the premier resource for innovations in community education.  To ensure consistency in the quality of programming as well as to provide a strategy and framework fidelity, the University of Central Florida has developed a process to Certify Community Partnership Schools that demonstrates alignment with the UCF Standards.  Crystal Lake Elementary School is tracking to become fully UCF Community School certified during the 2020-2021 school year.


Crystal Lake Elementary School A Community Partnership School Wishes to acknowledge the generous financial support provided by:

  • George Jenkins Family Foundation 
  • Iron Horse Foundation
  • George W. Jenkins Fund within the GiveWell Community Foundation
  • United Way of Central Florida Community Impact Grants 
  • Publix Supermarkets Charities
  • Suncoast Credit Union through the Polk Education Foundation

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Core Partner Organizations

Central Florida Health Care

Heartland for Children

Polk County Public Schools District

Southeastern University

United Way of Central Florida


Leadership Cabinet Members

John Hill - Chair, Polk County Public Schools

Teri Saunders - Vice Chair, Heartland for Children

Patricia Barnes - Polk County Public Schools

Penny Borgia - United Way of Central Florida

Amy Bratten, Ed.D. - Southeastern University

Jackie Bryan - Southeastern University

Lisa Ciganek - Southeastern University

Ann Claussen - Central Florida Health Care

Tracy Grey - Heartland for Children

Andrea Hagan - Heartland for Children

Dr. Michael Ham-Ying - Central Florida Health Care

Kim Long - Polk Vision

Swanyetta Perry - Polk County Public Schools

Timothy Warren -  Polk County Public Schools


"Crystal Lake Elementary Community School - Community Engagement Grant Recipient"