Literacy Resource Directory 

Learn about how to be included in the 2nd Edition of the Polk Vision
Literacy Resource Directory!
The Polk Vision Literacy Team is leading a community wide effort to develop a Literacy Resource Guide for PreK - 12th grade students that will be used by school counselors, administrators, teachers, and others in the Polk County Public School District. The team’s goal is to include as many literacy resources available to students as possible in the Directory’s 2nd Edition. Inclusion in the 2nd Edition Literacy Resource Directory is free of charge.
Who can be Included in the Directory?
Ideal organizations to be included in the Literacy Resource Directory will offer:
  • Awareness: Information related to reading, writing, communication, technology, speaking, performance, and other literacy-related topics.
  • Intervention/Tutoring: Programs that offer specific strategies and/or practice of literacy skills such as reading writing, speaking, performing, listening, use of technology, etc.
  • Activities: Activities that promote or showcase literacy-related topics
  • Resources: Websites, books, articles, or other sources of information on literacy-related topics
What is Literacy?
According to the Florida Department of Education, literacy involves the integration of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking in order “to use language to communicate and interpret the knowledge and ideas of others, as well as our own”. In the 21st century, literacy has expanded to include the ability to understand and use technology. The future requires students to improve their literacy abilities to invent, design, create, compute, and communicate so that they can make critical judgments, identify and solve real-world problems, and become productive citizens who lead rewarding lives.



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