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Focus on Sidewalks - Polk Vision and the Polk Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) have a shared goal of reducing pedestrian injuries and fatalities. Sidewalks are an important component of aligning resources to establish pedestrian connections between developed areas, schools and parks, and provide a healthy and safe environment.

On a typical school day, thousands of school children throughout the county are walking along portions of major roads in order to get to and from school or a bus stop and many of these roads lack sidewalks. Polk Vision’s Infrastructure Team in partnership with the Polk TPO have evaluated the sidewalk needs surrounding 140 Public Schools in Polk County and identified 179 miles (28%) of major roads within one mile of a school that do not have sidewalks.

As part of this evaluation, the top 74 schools with the least amount of sidewalk were evaluated and a list of sidewalk needs for these schools has been developed.

The Infrastructure Team is sharing this list of candidate projects with municipal and county leaders and is seeking formal resolutions of support for closing these sidewalk gaps.  A number of sidewalk projects included in the school sidewalk evaluation have been approved and funded by Polk County and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and scheduled for construction within the next few years.  The Infrastructure Team will continue to coordinate with Polk County and various local governments, as well as the Polk TPO and FDOT in order to obtain funding for additional sidewalk needs identified within one mile of a public school.  


Phase I (2017) – 10 Public Schools

59 Candidate Sidewalk Projects (23 miles) with an estimated cost of $8.7 Million


Phase II (2018) – 20 Public Schools

84 Candidate Sidewalk Projects (35 miles) with an estimated cost of $13.1 Million


Phase III (2019) – 63 Corridors

63 Candidate Sidewalk Projects (46 miles) and 137 street light improvements. The estimated cost has not been determined at this time.

“There are many infrastructure issues we could be probably be discussing as part of this Team, but right now our top priority and focus is addressing safe access to schools.”

– Ryan Kordek, Transportation Planning Administer, Polk TPO



Polk has one of the largest highway networks in the State of Florida. There are over 1,000 miles of major roads traversing all of Polk County’s jurisdictions which include State, County and City roads and is one of the largest in the State of Florida.

Approximately 60 percent of the major roads in Polk County currently do not have sidewalks on at least one side of the road.

To address this need, Polk County BoCC has increased funding for sidewalk expansion by 100% - $1 million in 2016 to $2 million today.

In addition, Polk County Public Schools have allocated $250,000 each year to sidewalk projects since 2017. (Source: Polk TPO)

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Ryan Kordek - Co-Chair, Polk TPO

Chuck Barmby - City of Lakeland

Marisa Barmby - Central Florida Regional Planning Council

Julia Davis - Polk TPO

Gordon Green - Patel, Greene, & Associates

Lauren Hinton - Florida Department of Health in Polk County

Eric Labbe - City of Winter Haven

Pam Luce - Polk County Public Schools

Xiomara Meeks - Polk TPO

Nick Nicholas - DSM

Steven Shealey - Pennoni

Scott Sjoblom - City of Bartow




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