Worksite WellnessTeam

The Worksite Wellness Team has partnered with Polk Wellness  Professionals to support the development and enhancement of worksite wellness programs in local businesses. In July of 2016, the Worksite Wellness Team received a grant for $5,000 from the  Health Council of Southwest Florida  (HCSWF). With this grant funding, the team has been promoting the use of the  CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard, which is a free, validated self-assessment tool for businesses to evaluate their current worksite wellness programs, identify gaps, and implement evidence-based strategies for improvement. The Team has taken a variety of approaches to reach local businesses, including sending quarterly health emails, making phone calls, setting up in-person consultations with business leaders and human resources professionals, and sponsoring events to better reach their target audiences, such as the Mid-Florida SHRM  workshop and the Lakeland Chamber of  Commerce Friday Forum.





Worksite Wellness Newsletter

Volume 1: Fall 2018 


Worksite  Wellness Team Members

     Kelly Andrews – Co-Chair, Kelly Andrews LLC

     Liz Antaya – Co-Chair, Stahl& Associates Insurance

     Bethany Brown –Lakeland Regional Health   

     Juli Davis – Florida Department of Health  

     Dr. Daniel Haight – Lakeland Regional Health

     Allison Kennedy – Public Health Institute

     Colleen Mangan–Florida Department of Health Polk

     Leah Millette–Baycare Health Systems

     Karen Moore–Peace River Center

     Andrea Nikolai - University of Florida IFAS

     Lauren Parkes - Lakeland Regional Health 

     Belinda Rieger – Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center

     Michelle Shiver – Citizen CPR, Inc.

     Laurel Smith–Polk State College Wellness Coordinator

     Stevie Sweet–Florida Department of Health 

     Debbie Zimmerman – Polk County Board of County Commissioners