School Health Team

The School Health Team spent the 2016-  2017 year designing and implementing a pilot program called the Healthy  Schools Initiative, which is aimed at improving student health and academic achievement through an initial focus on increased physical activity and nutrition.  The Initiative is based on a nationally recognized, evidence-based model that emphasizes the benefits of integrating health and education in the school setting. Through the use of this model,  the team hopes to help schools develop sustainable Healthy School Teams within the staff and administration. The team selected 5 elementary schools to pilot this program. Schools were selected based off of health and fitness data, readiness to participate, and geographic distribution.  For the first year of the program, each school has been asked to work on a goal related to physical activity or nutrition.

Each school has convened their Healthy School Team, reviewed their school’s data,  and selected goals to begin working on for the 2017-2018 school year, when the action phase of the pilot program begins.



  • Highland City Elementary 
  • Inwood Elementary 
  • Medulla Elementary 
  • Padgett Elementary 
  • Wahneta Elementary


Polk Vision's School Health Team launches pilot program at Medulla Elementary. Based upon the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model, the pilot program will focus on building capacity, student health and creating a culture of health and wellness.






Video update on the progress of the pilot programs at the 5 Healthy Schools. 

School Health Team

Jenna Kaczmarski – Co-Chair, Polk County Public Schools 

Kathleen Wright  - Co-Chair, Polk County Public Schools 

Tammy Durden – Florida Department of Health 

Mindi Fitch – City of Lakeland 

Audrey Kelley – Polk County Public Schools  

Megan Leary  - City of Winter Haven 

Colleen Mangan – Florida Department of Health in Polk

Kalee McGee  - Polk County Public Schools 

Andrea Nikolai - University of Florida IFAS

Lauren Parkes - Lakeland Regional Health 

Rachelle Webb - All  Children’s Hospital, Safe  Routes to School