Primary Care Team

The Primary Care LEAD Team has focused on preventing and reducing childhood obesity. They have continued to  utilize and expand the 5-2-1-0 prescription program. This program aims to provide simple steps towards achieving and maintaining a healthy weight among children by developing healthy habits that will last a lifetime. The program launched  on January 1, 2017, and has since gained momentum in the community. Currently participating are 40 pediatricians and pediatric ARNPs from 5 practices at 12 locations across Polk County. These 40 providers have disseminated 804  prescriptions, and patients have selected 1,387 healthy habit goals.


•  5 fruits and vegetables every day
•  2 hours or less of recreational screen time per day
•  1 hour or more of daily physical activity
•  0 sugar-sweetened drinks




  • Increase Health of Polk County residents

  • Expand the number of Primary Care providers partnering with children enrolled in "Healthy Habits" programs.

  • Create "Healthy Habits" curriculum building on basic nutrition counseling

  • Provide individualized nutrition and healthy habits counseling quarterly to children.



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The 5210 Prescription for Healthy Habits gives the child the choice as to what healthy habit they want to commit to. They have the everyday healthy habit choice of eating at least 5 fruits or vegitables, reduce screen time to 2 hours or less. Get 1 hour of physical activity, or consume 0 sugary drinks. This program allows health providers to conversate with children and their parents about the importance of living a healthy lifestye. 

The Primary Care LEAD Team are assembling their list of providers that will participate in the 5210 prescription program.

Primary Care Team

     Holly Vida - Co-Chair, Community Volunteer

     Suzanne Wright - Co-Chair, Florida department of Health 

     Penny Borgia – United Way of Central Florida

     Ermelinda Centeno – Central Florida Health Care

     Sairah Chachad – Community Volunteer

     Sheryl Cooper – Florida Department of Health

     Kim Eubanks  – Polk County Board of County Commissioners

     Carol Fox - Lakeland Regional Health 

     Linda Hawbaker - Florida Department of Health in Polk 

     Colleen Mangan – Florida Department of Health in Polk

     Paula McGhee - Polk County Board of County Commissioners

     Andrea Nikolai - University of Florida IFAS

     Lauren Parkes  - Lakeland Regional Health 

     Bo Razzano - Central Florida Healthcare 

     Nora Smith - Community Volunteer 

     Suzanne Wright - Florida department of Health