Polk County Literacy Directory 

The Literacy Directory will provide a “one-stop-shop” of all the literacy resource providers across Polk County serving students PK-12. 



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Literacy Team

Aligning with the Strategic Plan of Polk County Public Schools, the goal of the Literacy Team is to increase student literacy proficiency.   

Following publication of the Literacy Resource Directory, the Team continued researching the contributing factors to low reading and comprehension scores among school children in Polk County.

Only 41% of Polk County children entering Kindergarten came to school proficient in Language and Literacy Readiness. (2016 Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screening. At time of printing, the Fall 2017 assessment proficiencies had not yet been released by the state.)


Recognizing the important role adult family members play in a child’s literacy development, the Team is considering a variety of tactics intended to assist families in improving their student’s performance.

“Family support for . . . literacy is foundational and has a lasting impact on children’s success in school” (Boone, 2018, p. 16).


Following this premise, the Team is using several key concepts:

  • literacy encompasses many activities beyond reading and writing,
  • to best support children in their learning, families need supports
  • adults who participate in a child’s learning, often enhance their own literacy skills 


Literacy Team

Pam Craven, Ph.D. - Co-Chair, Learning Resource Center

Lindsay Persohn, Ph.D.- Co-Chair, University of South Florida

Kristi Anderson - Huntington Learning Center 

Steve Chapman - AmeriCorps Polk Reads 

Jeanette Crowley - Polk County Public Schools

Stacy Davis - Polk County Public Schools 

Tarrel Davis - Mulberry Community Service Center

Sheri Gieger - Usborne Books

Marc Hutek - Early Learning Coalition of Polk County  

Jennifer Kovac - Polk County Library Cooperative

Lacomber - Community Volunteer

Kristi Perkins - Lake Wales Literacy Council

Colleen Pizzuti - United Way of Central Florida

Nancy Puri - Polk County Public Schools

Beverly Putnam - Northeast Polk Literacy Council

Sandy Roddenberry - Lakeland Regional Health Systems

Kathleen Roehm - Redlands Christian Migrant Association

Juan Seda  Polk County Public Schools

Billy Townsend - Polk County School Board 






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