Infrastructure Team

The Infrastructure Team has made great strides in 2016-2017 by partnering with the Polk Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) to evaluate the need for sidewalks within a one-mile radius of public schools (the area where most walkers converge on a school).

The Polk TPO has completed an analysis of the major roads (arterial and collector roads) leading to 140 public elementary, middle and high schools.  27.5% of the road network leading to schools is missing sidewalks. This means it does not have a sidewalk on either side of the roadway.

The Infrastructure Team and TPO are now concentrating on those schools with the worst sidewalk coverage. To date, the Team has evaluated ten schools and identified priority sidewalk projects that can improve school sidewalk coverage.  These evaluations will continue to be performed through 2017-2018 to address  those schools identified by a range of established criteria as “high need.”




Infrastructure Team

Jason Lewis – Co-Chair, Kimley – Horn

John Bohde –  Co-Chair, Polk County BoCC

Chuck Barmby - City of Lakeland

Mike Britt – City of Winter Haven

Jennifer Codo-Salisbury – Central Florida Regional Planning Council

Hal Coffman - Madrid Engineering Group 

Tom Deardorff – Polk County Board of County Commissioners

Danielle Drummond – Polk County Board of County Commissioners

Tracy Garcia - Central Florida Development Council

Gordon Green – Patel, Greene, & Associates

Lauren Hinton – Department of Health in Polk

Cyndi Jantomaso - Haines City Economic Development Council

Addie Javed - City of Haines City 

Jeff Kincart - A-C-T Environmental & Infrastucture 

Ryan Kordek – Polk Transportation Planning Organization

Eric Labbe – City of Winter Haven

Pam Luce – Polk County Public Schools

Larry Madrid -  Madrid Engineering 

Matt Mouncey – Community Volunteer

Tracy Mouncey – Tracey Mouncey and Associates

Nick Nicholas – DSM

Pete Padron – Lakeland Regional Health

Andy Palmer City of Winter Haven

Richard Perez - City of Lakeland 

Tom Phillips Citrus Connection, Polk Transportation Planning Organization

Jeff Schmucker - Central Florida Regional Planning Council

Steven Shealey Envisors

Pat Steed Central Florida Regional Planning Council 

Kimberly Warren Atkins

Philip D. Wegman - Furr & Wegman Architects P.A.

Anne Yasalonis - UF/IFAS Extension Polk County




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