Literacy Resource Directory 


The Polk Vision Literacy Team is leading a county-wide effort to develop a Literacy Resource Directory for PK-12 grade students and their families that will be used by school counselors, administrators, teachers, and others in the Polk County Public School District. The committee’s goal is to include as many literacy resources as possible that are available for students.

Literacy means learning about communication-how to read and understand the world and how to express oneself. Current Florida Standards define literacy as reading, writing, speaking, listening and language. In the 21 century, literacy has expanded to include the ability to read, write, understand and interpret, and discuss multiple texts across multiple contexts and includes the understanding and use of communication through technology. The future requires students to improve their abilities to invent, design, create, compute, and communicate so that they can make critical judgments, identify and solve real-world problems and become productive citizens who lead rewarding lives.

The resource guide will be available in both print and online format, making it easy to access and update as needed. If your organization has a resource that you would like to be included in the first edition of this directory, please click here to register.

How You Can Help

The Literacy Team is reaching out to the community to engage partners who can offer literacy support in the following areas:



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