Worksite WellnessTeam

Worksite Wellness Team will support the establishment of new worksite wellness programs in local businesses.  The team will accomplish this by increasing  the use of evidence-based employee health promotion and wellness programs to promote healthy behaviors in Polk County businesses. The influence of our efforts will occur through promotion of the CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard, assistance to businesses in completing the ScoreCard and development of a pilot program that will garner testimonials and data related to value on investment. Success stories will be utilized to encourage more businesses to embrace a culture of wellness. Our goal is to garner both testimonials from local businesses and actual data on how worksite wellness programs benefit Polk businesses. The development of a pilot program will position the Worksite Wellness Team to gather local data and examples. Once the pilot program has been tested and proven successful, the team will scale up the program to reach additional business. In time, a network of businesses will be formed to share best practices and collaborate on new ideas for wellness programming, ultimately creating a healthier Polk County workforce.



  • Increase the number of businesses creating and enhancing wellness programming.

  • Develop cohort of five businesses to engage in wellness programming and establish comparative data.

  • Increase use of evidence-based employee health promotion and welnness programs to promote healthy behaviors



Worksite  Wellness Team Members


     Schatzie Haines – Co-Chair,  Lanier Upshaw, Inc.

     Kelly Andrews – Co-Chair, Florida Southern College

     Liz Antaya – Stahl& Associates Insurance

     Bethany Brown –Lakeland Regional Health   

     Juli Davis – Florida department of Health  

     Dr. Daniel Haight – Lakeland Regional Health

     Allison Kennedy – Public Health Institute

     Colleen Mangan–Florida Department of Health Polk

     Leah Millette–Baycare Health Systems

     Karen Moore–Peace River Center

     Andrea Nikolai - University of Florida IFAS

     Lauren Parkes - Lakeland Regional Health 

     Belinda Rieger – Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center

     Michelle Shiver – Citizen CPR, Inc.

     Laurel Smith–Polk State College Wellness Coordinator

     Stevie Sweet–Florida Department of Health 

     Debbie Zimmerman – Polk County Board of County Commissioners