Smart Communities Polk Team

Broadband is high speed internet access that facilitates many critical activities, from online classes and research for students to managing household finances.  It allows for small businesses to compete in a global marketplace and supports research and training opportunities at our schools, colleges and universities.  Broadband means better, faster, and more effective healthcare and safer streets and communities.

A Broadband Advisory Team, convened  by Polk Vision and the Central Florida Regional Planning Council, produced a comprehensive Broadband Plan in 2013 that identified current areas of need and projected areas of broadband demand up to the year 2020.  The Broadband Team, recently renamed Smart Communities Polk, continues its work in educating and building community consensus around the vital importance of a robust broadband network to support Polk County’s economic growth and prosperity.

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Click on image to view the Polk County Broadband Plan 

The Polk Vision Smart Communities LEAD Team met on September 16th to review the feedback recieved from Alignment USA and to revise their rebranding marketing material.


Smart Communities Team

Eric Labbe  – Co-Chair, City of Winter Haven

Terry Brigman  – Co-Chair, City of Lakeland

Tina Barrios - Polk County Board 

Cliff Bennett – Polk State College

Stacy Bolton - Lakeland Regional Health 

Naomi Boyer – Polk State College 

Frank Canovaca – City of Bartow

Terri - Anne Crawford - Polk County Tax Collector 

William DeWitt – Polk State College 

Erean Elibol - Florida Polytechnic University 

Tom Hull  - Florida Polytechnic University 

Shauna Jones – Polk County Sheriff's Office

Elizabeth Kerns - Lakeland Regional Health  

Doug Lewis - Polk County Board of County Commissioners

Matt Mucci - AT&T

Hiep Nguyen - City of Winter Haven 

Nick Nicholas - DSM

Gladys Roberts - Polk County Library Cooperative

David Robinson - DSM 

Brian Ross - City of Haines City 

Chris Rudolph - Polk County Tax Collector 

Don Selvage - City of Lakeland 

Chris Shelton - City of Auburndale 

Tiana Sheppard - Frontier Communications 

Marybeth Soderstrom - Central Florida Regional Planning Council

Steve Sowards - Inland Fiber & Data 

Pat Steed - Central Florida Regional Planning Council 

Abdu Taguri - NAP of Central Florida

Mark Thomas - Warner University 

Bill Ward - Polk County Sheriff's Office 

Jason Wiley - City of Lakeland 

Ed Wolf - Polk County Board of County Commissioners