Literacy Team

Based on Polk County Schools data, in 2015, only 40 % of Kindergarten students came to school proficiently ready; scoring 10% less proficient than the previous year. Also, during the 2015-16 school year, only 45% of Polk County Public School students in grades 3-10 scored proficiently on the English Language Arts portion of the state assessment, up just 1% from the previous year. The goal of the Polk Vision Literacy Team is to increase student literacy proficiency by 2% per year at each grade level.

National research has shown that increasing literacy rates in elementary grades has lasting effects, including higher graduation rates, college attendance and success rates. In order to support families in understanding how to assist their students in improving reading and comprehension, the Literacy Team is embarking on the creation of a Literacy Directory.

The Literacy Directory will promote a more literate community by providing information about resources available for students and their parents. Directory content will encompass activities, programs or services related to reading, writing, communication, technology, speaking, performance, or additional literacy-related topics.

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Literacy Team

Pam Craven – Co-Chair, Learning Resource Center

Diane Plowden – Co-Chair, Polk County Public Schools

Torsha Baker-Cunningham - Polk County Public Schools

Emilean Clemons - Polk County Public Schools 

Jeanette Crowley - Polk County Public Schools

Jayme Jamison- Polk County History Center

Cheryl Joe – Polk County Public Schools

Jennifer Kovac- Polk County Library Cooperative

Lindsay Persohn- Polk County Public Schools

Scott Reeves - Polk County Public Schools

Sandy Roddenberry – Lakeland Regional Health

Claire Schwartz - Achievement Academy

Juan Seda – Polk County Public Schools

Billy Townsend - Polk County School Board